Your First Visit

What To Expect

We strive to educate patients in addition to create a thorough and comprehensive examination which can take some time so expect a longer first visit. We are a state of the art facility with digital x-rays (relates to less radiation) that are presented to the patient chair-side via a TV monitor where we review recommended treatment.  We use the most advanced bio-materials.  We have a close and long time relationship with a local lab resulting in quality work and a faster turn around.

In order to accommodate patient’s busy schedules, Dr. Abramov and his staff aim to begin treatment on initial visits.

During your initial exam, you will have digital x-rays and intra-oral (full color) photographs taken. “Because x-rays are only in black and white, it is often difficult for patients to see what we are talking about,” says Dr. Abramov. “The full color photos we take allow them to see inside their mouth. We want to make sure that our patients are fully informed and educated about their dental choices. These photos along with their x-rays help educate them.”.

First Visit Checklist – What to Expect

  • Series of X-rays including a Full Mouth Series which includes 18 x-rays that are used to evaluate cavities, gum infection, root infection and fractures. Panoramic x-rays show TMJ, sinus cavities, and mandible nerve. Checks for abnormalities such as cysts.  Can also be used to evaluate orthodontic needs, impaction of wisdom teeth, and curvature of the root for extractions. For kids, Pano x-ray helps to monitor development of permanent teeth.
  • Oral Cancer Screening – a non invasive screening of oral cancer through out the mouth including checks, tongue, roof of mouth, and part of throat, using a special light with three different wave lengths that can penetrate as deep as the connective tissue of the tongue – checks for malignant lesions, cysts, abnormalities. Oral cancer is one of the top 2 aggressive cancers that effect all genders and age group of 18 and older ( unless otherwise recommended by the doctor.)
  • Treatment Plan – We also offer the option of same day treatment.


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